Namaste.........Surya Namaskar

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If there is single most effective way to enhance your wellness, hands down I’d say that will be Surya Namaskar. Adding Surya Namaskar to your daily routine can be the best health decision you going to be making, even better it works for those, “I have no time for exercise” people, because it’s so simple and effective and uses just 10-15 mins of your time. And for those, “gym is far and expensive” kind of people, you don’t need to drive to the gym, neither get in and out of those power hold compression pants( oh boy to get in and out of those by itself is a workout) you know what I mean, or neither do you need to wear those fancy sneakers and keep updating them out of pure peer pressure.

All you need to do Surya Namaskar is a 6/4 ft space( well I’m not talking about the ultimate space where we Rest In Peace), I’m just simply referring to the small carpet area you would need to perform you Surya Namaskar, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.

So what is this Surya Namaskar, in Sanskrit language Surya means Sun and Namaskar means greetings or giving respect, so it is like giving our salutations to the Sun (best done facing east in the mornings), trying to energize our bodies from the all empowering Sun.

Start your day with the set of 5-7 rounds of Surya Namaskar and the rest of the day will be as active and energetic as the mind wants the body to be. It’s a sequence of 12 asanas (poses), flowing beautifully from one to another with the breath naturally following in and out pattern as it synchronizes with the body. Each asana has a counter asana as it balances up the sequence letting the body to find its peace while performing a vigorous sequence all at the same time. Starting with 12 asanas from the right side of the body and finishing up with the same 12 on the left side to call it a full one round of 24 asanas, so ultimately doing almost 168 asanas if you are doing 7 rounds and which only take 10-15 mins of your day, is there any more excuses not to do it, because if you have one, I sure have an answer with Surya Namaskar.
- Jayanthi Murahari(Jay)

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