Shari Rigby I forgive :: Power Of Love, Hope & Forgiveness to Overcome Hate: The Graham Staines Story

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India literally changed my life. I never thought I would be working with them,” said North Dakotan actress Shari Rigby. Rigby played the most appreciated character of Mrs. Gladys Steins in the movie The Least Of These. 

I had a pleasure meeting this multi-talented writer, producer, and director during the red carpet movie event at Dallas. When I asked about her experience working with real lepers, those infected with leprosy, she could not hold back her tears. Looking at the infected feet of beautiful women, the thought of the pain momentarily put her in a dilemma. She did not think she could work with them. Her firm belief in holy spirit gave her strength at that moment with the message that she was chosen for a good reason and that she could do it.

“I have literally heard the voice of the god say to me, I love these feet and to remind me the most precious people he adores and I had an opportunity to be with them,” Rigby said.

Rigby moulded herself so perfectly into the role of Mrs. Steins. The audience felt her presence, love, passion, and commitment to her work. The statement, “I forgive him” is clearly expressed in her role of a divine woman with no anger or remorse. She portrays a seraphic power of forgiveness even after the devastating loss of her beloved husband and children.

Rigby expressed her gratitude and felt honored to been able to play a role of Gladys. “Thank you Gladys for showing us the side of forgiveness that most of us don’t get to see," she said. "I hope your story will deliver that powerful message of forgiveness.” Rigby manifested an immense performance by completely immersing herself into the character and digested every word and shown her complete faith in her work.
The message from the movie is that forgiveness is very difficult to grant. The merit of forgiveness comes with a great sacrifice. Like the bible says, “bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the lord forgave you."

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