Change Is Always Beautiful

RJ Meenakshi Jan 10, 2019 561 Views   2 Comments
When life is giving you challenges always se beauty in that . Changes are never easy . Recently the love for books has developed in me and I was going through a quotation "when you are getting uncomfortable in every situation then think something is going to change" and believe me it will be Beautiful. I was driving and saw this beautiful Tree which is also going through a change and its looking so beautiful and this beautiful tree with orange color reminded me to this beautiful quote. Change is always beautiful we have to change the perception for looking at things. All the leaves of this tree will be gone .. dont you think spring will come and this tree will all be green again .. right now this tree is going through a change and is still looking beautiful. Our lives is also like this. We often get frustrated when change is happening and nothing is under control and we always ignore that change is continous process , It is a evolving process if we fall we will rise again and thats the law of nature .. thats the law of life and thats the law of universe. You fall you will rise again.. Have patience. Slow down and enjoy every change of your life..

See the beauty in every change .
Jitender yadav - 24-01-19

God bless u Meenakshi keep it up may god give u every success u want in your life

Manjusha Hardiker - 24-01-19

Very nice! Loved it!

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