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Neetu Rishi is the Founder and CEO of “We The Navigators”, a training and consulting firm besides being a Corporate Trainer, a Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Coach and a model with a professional background of 15 years and holding a dual degree of Masters in Human Resource, Marketing and Information Technology.

She is also engaged in Volunteer work with Zbyte as Director-Business Development and V.P-Public Relations at Toastmasters. She has won several awards for her outstanding performance, leadership, and innovation. She gets inspiration from her urge of navigating the women force and doing something remarkable for the society.

She is a nature loving person and has a habit of practicing gratitude daily. She always wears two ornaments, honesty and will power to enhance her beauty. Her strength lies in her will power and her life motto is to live a life which becomes a message for all.

Adam Construction: Developing Our People Growing Our Business
Each one of us aspires to have a new home, and that brings with it new beginnings, new memories and of course the best part all new furniture and décor. So today we have the owner of ADAM Construction who not only make you happy rather their tag line is making your home smile.

Ques. What all services do you cover, is it only building the new homes or we have more perks to that too.
Ans. I cover pretty much any service a homeowner desires to renovate or repair their property ranging from installing a new 8ft Privacy Fence to Roofing to Interior Remodeling.

Ques. A house without problems or emergencies doesn't exist, so how would you divide the significant crises that occur.
Ans. Well a crisis like water damage must be attended to promptly. I deploy the appropriate personnel depending on the situation. I certainly have the power to do so as all my workers are in-house. They work for me year round and I never need to search for labor to handle a specific task.

Ques. Hail is always a part of South East and I have heard that hail damage is usually not visible from a ground level view. What services do you cover under this?
Ans.  We provide a free property inspection contingent that the homeowner will contract ADAM Construction to replace their roof if we do find hail damage and are able to attain approval from their insurance company.

Ques. How do you work hand in hand with the insurance companies in such cases?
Ans. I specialize in attaining approval from the insurance company and maximizing the damage coverage via getting supplements approved for my client. I have the expertise to do so due to a Veteran in house licensed adjuster that works full time for me.

Ques. Are your services limited to only homes or commercials or does it cover other areas too?
Ans. Just residential & commercial properties

Ques. How are you different from other construction companies?
Ans. We are literally the best of the best. There is no General Contractor that provides the personal attention that I do. I am truly a 1 stop shop that can renovate/repair a property turnkey. Above all I do not expect any payment until the client attains 100% satisfaction.

Ques. How can people reach out to you?
Ans. Email me ZaneAdam2020@gmail.com or text/call me 469-661-6322

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Swami Mukundananda ji in Exclusive Conversation with Neetu Rishi on International Yoga Day in Dallas

Dallas Yoga Fest, a holistic health yoga festival was held in Dallas on June 15th, 2019. It was all about getting inspired to lead and celebrate a healthy lifestyle. The whole day program included focused sessions related to the science of yoga and complementary health fields. Honoring the body, mind & soul connection was the theme of Dallas Yoga Fest.

This event was held at reckson Middle School, Allen Tx. All ages (5+) and levels (beginner to master) were invited to join for yoga, meditation, pranayam, lectures & workshops, and health fair all for well-being. 

And we got a chance to talk to Swami Mukundananda ji, who is the spiritual role model of millions of people around the globe and also founder of Jagadguru kripalu ji Yog, popularly called as JK Yog which is a nonprofit organization. Swami ji graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi with a degree of Engineering, a dream college for everyone and received a post graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. (beginner to master) were invited to join for yoga, meditation, pranayam, lectures & workshops, and health fair all for well-being. And we got a c h a n c e t o t a l k t o S wa m i Mukundananda ji, who is the spiritual role model of millions of people around the globe and also founder of Jagadguru kripalu ji Yog, popularly called as JK Yog which is a nonprofit organization. Swami ji graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi with a degree of Engineering, a dream college for everyone and received a post graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.

He left a career in business to join Sanyaas and decided to dedicate his time to devotional pursuits. Under the guidance of Shree Kripali Ji Maharaj he studied Vedic Scriptures, Indian and Western Philosophy and Bhakti Yog and he has been spreading the fragrance of his knowledge all around the globe. 

Q- It’s not at all easy to live a life of being a Swami Ji, what made you start this journey. I know it’s been long when you stepped into this world, but what ignited the spark?

A- It is said that the call of God is the strongest call in our life and by the blessings of my Guru and Radha Krishna I was fortunate enough to experience that deep yearning when I was in college. By virtue of the knowledge that I had received, God became no. one priority in my life. And there is nothing more satisfying then to align our work, our efforts with our values. So I decided that rather than serving any corporate house, I would prefer to serve the supreme divine personality

Q- Radha Krishna Temple is the serene abode of Shree Radha Krishna, but you have nurtured it to become one platform not only for meditation but various aspects of learning. How did you come up with this idea?

A- The Indian Community in USA is so far moved from their culture. They are living in an Alien culture and I wanted that the nucleus of the community should lie in their own roots. So they should have a place where they can congregate it which nourishes their own values, the culture in which they have grown up and where they can receive all the needs that are necessary for enriching themselves in their own personality and the community as well. So we always try and ensure that this becomes one place for children for classes or the youth for yoga or health seminars.

Q-The temple is putting tremendous efforts in supporting homeless children, how can people contribute to that cause?

A-We have launched an initiative called Little Hands Big Hearts project. Anybody with a big heart can participate in this. Things that are no longer needed by people are donated. We have collection points to gather the used commodities by the people and whatever is collected, we distribute it through the HOPE initiative, which is sent through 45 channels to the homeless. People who want to contribute can connect and help

Q-We all know that yoga is the medicine to all the problems in life but we are somehow still not able to add it in our lifestyles. On the occasion of International Yoda day, you are conducting an event Dallas Yoga Fest, one of its kind, our viewers are keen to know about that?

A-Since the United nations declared International day of yoga, we wanted to create awareness of the spirit of yoga, and this festival has been growing bigger and bigger until now the council general of India announced that this is biggest yoga celebration in the country. So the idea is that people should come and learn about yoga, holistic wellness and pickup something that will benefit them in their own life.

Q-There is also a special session of yours and the Bollywood actress Sanya Malhotra, the fame of movie like “Dangal”and “Badhai ho” we are excited to know about that?

A-As a part of the Dallas yoga fest we have this spirit of yoga session where we would like everybody to get excited about celebrating yoga and Sania Malhotra is the right person for this because of her love for yoga and holistic lifestyle and we will together share the tips on healthy lifestyle and we hope that people will enjoy this session very much. 

Q-What message would you like to give to our viewers?

A-Yoga is something that everybody can participate in. There is so much on the mat and so much off the mat. So whether you are young or you are old, I am sure there is something for you there. We are going to have a huge fair where experts from all over the country will be there, we will also have people from wellness industry. There will be numerous stalls for you to go around, take a look, there will be various kinds of therapies and you will get an experience that you will love.

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Surinder Massey - Massey & Sons Foundation in conversation with Neetu Rishi
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth

Let’s walk you through the inspirational story behind “Massey and sons Foundation”, a nonprofit organization which is serving the community globally. Mr Surinder Massey, the founder and pillar of this organization is a hard working person who started from scratch and believes that, “God helps those who help themselves” and kept moving and reached at a level where he finds contentment in helping the people who are in need. The list of his achievements is long, he gave his commitment to sponsor all the medical camps organized by the Mc. Robert Mission Hospital, Dhariwal. Punjab, India. And in these camps people are offered free medical checkups and medicines. He has been helping the people at “The salvation Army Church” Gurdaspur and The Salvation Army Macrobert hospital.

He has been appreciated for his services and commitment by the Grace Community Church LCMS Plano, First Presbyterian Church Garland, Concordia Church of All Nations Garland, United Christian Church Garland and First International Bible Church, Richardson, Along with him are Dr. Arthur, Pastor Kashmir, Pastor Elias, Pastor Ravi Chari, Rev Dr. Wilson Masih, Rev Parakh Samson, who are actively involved with this.

Q: Tell us something about how you started Massy foundation, what inspired you to start that and what was your vision and mission?

A: When I came to India, I did not have a single penny in pocket, I started by working at a gas station and worked extended hours to earn money so that I could take care of my family. My son was always in love with trucks, so after long years of hard word, we bought our first truck and then opened a repair shop. We faced a lot of challenges but that did not stop us and we started a road side service. And then life offered me this chance to open this organization to help people all over the world.

Q: Dr. Arthur,  what all activities do you cover in this?

A: We do medical camps in remote villages in India a small town in Dhariwal in Punjab. We do it once a year. We also organized a camp this year in central jail in Gurdaspur and it was a very humbling experience.

Q: Medical aids are too expensive; how do you manage providing facilities to the patients in terms of money.

A: Mr Surinder, my brother has been very kind and he does all the funding through his company and makes sure that we could provide the best services to the people.

Q: Pastor Kashmir, how did this concept of starting a radio station come to your mind to spread across the message?

A: The purpose was to help the people and help the community. We help the people on individual levels but bigger way to do is to help them to learn to live a life which is full of happiness. So we do shows on Radio Shaan everyday where we share our knowledge which could help the people.

Q: Pastor Elias , how are you involved with them?

A: Massey and sons is involved in so many activities around many nations, they help the poor people and I am so happy to be able to help them in this cause. I do shows in Arabic language.

Q: How can people reach out to you?

A: We have a Facebook page by the name, “Massey and sons foundation” where we telecast all our shows. People  can also email us at info@radioshaan.com or log on to www.radioshaan.com for more details. 
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The writer is by nature a dreamer, a conscious dreamer.

This quote stands true for the life of Neetu Rishi, who after a tenacious journey of accomplishments in the field of entrepreneurship nailing the flags of being a Corporate Coach, a motivational speaker, a personality development coach and a life-transforming mentor decided to script her most important life lessons, how to fight with Monday blues in the form of the book titled. “A Different Monday”

Following ingredients are required for anyone to become an author,
  • Creativity in writing
  • Urge to share the knowledge
  • Storyteller
And when she realized that she had all the three, she just wrote this on the vision board with a deadline and a vision and finally published her book on April 13th, 2019. And presented the first copy of her book to the legend, Sonu Nigam. Every time she came across these lines, 7 out of 10 people saying, “Ohh no Monday again”, “I don’t want to go to school”, “I don’t feel like going to the office”, she realized that she truly needs to share her life mantras how she fought with the monster of Monday blues and won over it.

So get ready to dive deep in the ocean where you will get all the answers to your questions that fence your mind on a Monday morning. A struggle, a battle that starts since we are ready to go to kindergarten to elementary to high school and keeps shadowing us till we are alive. This is an inspiring tale witnessing not only some powerful but wise and practical life amazing secrets which all are aware of but we somehow are not able to implement in our lives. An extraordinary relationship of a mother and a daughter where the mother wants her daughter to learn those life skills which she learned through her experiences. And the daughter experiences a life-changing odyssey while she is ready to board the flight to her dreams in her professional journey.

The following secrets get unfolded while you move on with the story-
  • To take charge of your life
  • To analyze the root cause of the Monday blues
  • To find out the plan of action
  • To activate the subconscious mind
  • To remove the mind blocks
  • To finally always say, “Wow its Monday.”
The book is available on Amazon and the link to that is as follows: -
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Padma Mishra: Art Of Balancing Act

An insight to the life of Padma Mishra, the owner of VISRAP entertainment. A girl from a small state in India, who comes to USA with some buried dreams and desires and then along with adapting herself in a new environment, taking care of all the home chores and family just decided to give wings to her passion.

She was always in love with music and decided to bring this music to the reach of the Dallas Community and thus was born VISRAP entertainment. Not only this she is also a Board of directors and Women Forum Co chair for Indian Association of North Texas.

1.     What inspired you to start VISRAP Entertainment?

A: - When I moved to Dallas, had no friends, so involved myself in volunteer work for concerts and started enjoying and looking at the fact that no women are involved in this field, so I decided to start this venture.

2.     What was the logic behind the name VISRAP?

A:- The name is a combination of my whole family, VIS from my son, Vishal, RA from my husband, Rajesh and P from my name, Padma. My family support is my inspiration.

3.     How did you manage to do three shows back to back in 2018 all alone in spite of all the odds that you were facing in life?

A: - I am a challenge loving person, my self-confidence and my willingness to do things made me do this.

4.     You are loved and surrounded by so many people around you, what’s the magic behind this?

A: - I believe in give and take, if you give love and respect, you are reflected back.

5.     What message would you like to give to girls out there who have somewhere in heart to do something, but are not able to be that bold enough to ignite it?

A: - Whatever you want to do, people will give you advice, people will help you but in the end its you have to take it forward. Be yourself.

Women are the real architects of the society.

Happy Woman’s Day .

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