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Here at Ayurnutrition we offer a unique approach to your health and wellness. We combine the age old wisdom of Ayurveda with Nutrition and wellness to provide an individualized wellness plan that fits your lifestyle and needs. 'Ayurveda' is a Sanskrit word and is made of two parts 'Ayur' meaning life and 'Veda' meaning science, hence Ayurveda essentially means 'Science of life' . Ayurveda is one of the oldest and a unique holistic health science which focuses on the mind body relation and the importance of balance between the various physiological components to ensure health. Originating in India and over 5000 years old, Ayurveda principles transcend time and space and can be used in any country and can be applied to every person. Come and explore this unique and integrative approach to improving one's health. Let us help rejuvenate you by creating harmony and balance in your mind and body by integrating Ayurvedic principles with Nutrition & Wellness.


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