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About Radhika Nelluvaya

It happened to me many years ago… In fact, as a child, I remember being love-struck by the richness of the silk sari... 

Mirafashions is only 3 years old but if I were to reflect upon the genesis of the idea itself – of a standalone, exclusive space that showcased the Kanjivaram sari taglined #All About Silk for the USA community a manner that it simply elegant – It all happened few years ago, suddenly leaving by 16+ years of IT leadership career and to live for my desire to curate and indulge in Silks which coincided with a time in my life. I embraced it and literally made it my own, my passion, mybusiness and my identity.

In 2015, I launched Mirafashionsllc, an exclusive line of Kanjivarams & soft silks, in my constant and continued endeavour to march the silk road of India to bring the highest standards in craft, provenance and process of making the Kanjivaram weaves.

Mirafashionsllc housed in Dalls,Texas. With the launch of thesilkplace.com online, we extend the reach of virtually well beyond geographical boundaries. Mirafashions also ventures beyond the kanjivaram silks, we bring rarity and breathtaking beauty of master crafts across saris,blouses, jewellery and accessories: 
the best of the best, all curated right here for you. 

I welcome you to take part in my eternal quest in celebrating beauty… TREAT YOURSELF!


  • Women - Sari
  • Women - Blouses
  • Jewelry
  • Men - Kurtas
  • Men - Dhotis
  • Gift Items


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