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Love & Justice For Humanity

Phone: (469) 662-5205

Description:Love and Justice for Humanity is a non profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for child abuse and human trafficking. Our organization works with local and national law enforcement to help implement accountability laws for Child Protective Services, establish new child laws and amend existing ones. The organization was founded in January of 2018 in response to the growing number of child deaths due to abuse and neglect, and for families who have been involved with Child Protective Services but were not investigated thoroughly which resulted in a child's death.

Brahma Kumaris

Address: 13914 Josey Lane

Phone: 9722545562

Description:As a worldwide family of individuals from all walks of life, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization offers an education in human, moral and spiritual values. To meet the challenge of change, it initiates dialogue and presents a fresh vision of the future. It recognizes the intrinsic goodness of all human beings and teaches meditation to help each one rediscover their inner resources and strengths.

Rahbar Foundation

Address: Po. Box #803201, Dallas Texas 75380

Phone: 214-529-4711

Description:Coming Soon