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Recharge Mi Lab. LLC.

Address: 107 N Bell Ave Suite 10, Denton, TX 76209

Phone: 940-210-4987

Description:Rest & Relaxation & Weightloss Therapy

U.S. Physician Staffing Resouces Intl Inc

Address: 5055 W. Park Blvd Suite 400 Plano TX 75093

Phone: 1(800)468-1360


We have Physician jobs in Medically under served areas, Internal Medicine Physician, Green Card Medical Jobs, Non Cap H1B Physician, Md Visa and Medical Doctor Tuition Repayment Jobs.

We present this web site to help make your search easier and less intimidating. We realize that from the day you decide to try to secure another practice situation until the drapes are hung in your new home, you and your family will be at an impasse, not quite sure of what the future will bring, a state of life both exciting and uncertain.

In The Process section we will help to relieve some of that uncertainty by telling you what happens when your CV is submitted, what to expect as an organization considers your credentials, and how they decide whether to offer an on-site interview. We will let you know some things that you should do in order to maximize your chances of finding a perfect practice opportunity, and we will tell you how you can blow it.

Click Blind CV’s, and you will see that while physician confidentiality is protected, our physicians receive exposure to to a wide variety of practice opportunities. Hospitals, Clinics, Single Specialty Groups, Multi-specialty Groups and even busy physicians who are seeking partners, duck into this site to see whether the credentials presented here match their needs. Some very interesting opportunities present themselves through this site.

In the Past Performance section we substantiate that we are a unique among the multi-specialty physician recruiting companies.

We present Current Searches in many specialties. These opportunities are updated frequently and so you should check back periodically, or email us even if you do not see exactly what you are looking for today. We will summarize your credentials and perhaps we will receive an inquiry which perfectly matches your needs.

Metroplex Medical Centres

Address: 700 N Pearl St, Suite N208 Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: 2145807277


About Sneha Patel

Sneha was born in Leceister, England in 1975 to Ramesh and Ramila Patel. She grew up in a small town in Enid, Oklahoma. She is the first generation in her family to go to college. Snehawent to the University of Oklahoma and received a Bachelor's degree in Biology. In her first year of college, her mother was in a tragic car accident where she was in a coma for almost 24 years. Her family & the entire community came together to help take care of her mother and this tragedy made her realize how important it is to always help others and keep her mom's legacy alive. After graduating college, she got married and went to PA school at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. She worked for Metroplex Medical Centres for 12 years and then acquired two medical practices from her mentor, Dr. Manuel Griego. She has 2 more new medical offices scheduled to open this year, one in downtown Fort Worth and one in Coppell.  Sneha believes in giving back to the community. She goes on medical mission trips to central America every year to give free medical care to underprivileged communities that would otherwise have no medical treatment. She also mentors high school students and takes them on the mission trips to show them the world and allow them the opportunity to also serve others. Sneha's medical practice has been the proud sponsor of several charity Gala's in conjunction with Arya Dance Academy benefiting Vibha, Chetna and UNICEF's Project Lion. Sneha's journey has been one of sadness, tragedy, courage, determination, hard work and service to the community. Her dream is to open a free clinic in Dallas to help those without access to medical care. Her legacy is her children and what she teaches them so they can leave their footprints and help change the world for the better.

About Metroplex Medical Centres

Metroplex Medical Centres is a patient centered medical practice with the simple goal of providing total health care through preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic health services in a friendly, compassionate and relaxed atmosphere.

Metroplex Medical Centres currently has 2 convenient locations, we schedule appointments 5 days a week at our Downtown Dallas practice and 6 days a week in Oak Cliff. We offer a walk-in service where we strive to accommodate same day appointments for an immediate health concern.

We offer a wide range of services including family medicine, Preventative and Insurance Physicals, Allergy Clinic, onsite blood lab, Sonography, Cardiac Testing, X-Rays and even a pharmacy.

Santhigram Wellness

Address: 120 S Denton Tap Road, #290, coppell, TX 75019

Phone: 972-798-8584

Description:Coming Soon

Baylor Scott & White Health

Address: 3500 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75246-2017

Phone: 1.844.BSW.DOCS / 1.844.279.3627


Our Story
As the largest not-for-profit? healthcare system in Texas and one of the largest in the United States, Baylor Scott & White Health was born from the 2013 combination of Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White Healthcare. Today, Baylor Scott & White includes 48 hospitals, more than 800 patient care sites, more than 7,800 active physicians, over 47,000 employees and the Scott &? White Health Plan.

Our Strategy
Healthcare is changing, and at Baylor Scott & White, we are changing it for the better. To do that, we've created a road map for our future—our System Strategy.
The visual representation of our System Strategy is called Our Core. At the center of Our Core are the personal Commitments our employees make to advance our work for the benefit of those we serve.

Our Mission
Founded as a Christian ministry of healing, Baylor Scott & White Health promotes the well-being of all individuals, families and communities.

Our Ambition
To be the trusted leader, educator and innovator in value-based care delivery, customer experience and affordability.

Our Values

  • We serve faithfully
  • We act honestly
  • We never settle
  • We are in it together
Our Strategies
  • Health – Transform into an integrated network that ambitiously and consistently provides exceptional quality care
  • Experience – Achieve the market-leading brand by empowering our people to design and deliver a customer-for-life experience
  • Affordability – Continuously improve our cost discipline to invest in our Mission and reduce the financial burden on our customers
  • Alignment – Ensure consistent results through a streamlined leadership approach and unified operating model
  • Growth – Pursue sustainable growth initiatives that support our Mission, Ambition, and Strategy

Our Numbers
Baylor Scott & White provides full-range, inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation and emergency medical services through 48 hospitals and more than 800 patient access points.

  • 6.6 million patient encounters annually
  • More than 800 patient access points
  • 48 owned, operated, joint-ventured and affiliated hospitals
  • 185 satellite outpatient facilities
  • 26 ambulatory surgery centers
  • 164 primary care clinics
  • 503 specialty care clinics
  • Four senior health centers
  • Seven urgent care clinics
  • 30 retail pharmacies
  • $11.1 billion in total assets*
  • $9.1 billion in total operating revenue*
  • $754 million in community benefit
  • 208,789 hospital admissions
  • 31,368 babies born
  • More than 900,000 emergency department visits
  • More than 3.8 million outpatient registrations
  • More than 5,091 licensed beds
  • More than 7,800 active physicians
  • More than 47???,000 employees
  • *Based on fiscal year 2017? BSWH audited financial statements

AyurRoots Ayurveda Wellness

Address: 4320 helston dr

Phone: 2148011238


About Vaidya Meenakshi 

Vaidya Meenakshi is a gold medalist and is a highly accomplished Ayurveda and Panchakarma (DETOX) Specialist. She has been practicing Ayurveda for the last 20 years. Her area of expertise includes learning disabilities in children, ADHD, stress management, women's health, chronic pain management, muscular- skeletal conditions, geriatrics and preventative care, healthy weight management, skin care, digestive imbalances, and anti-aging therapies. Her expertise also includes Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Diet, lifestyle recommendations and Ayurveda wellness education.

She has a natural flair for a life devoted to the study and practice of ancient Indian science. She knows first-hand what a difference it can make on one's wellness by simply understanding an individual's unique body type and making small, simple changes to one's diet and lifestyle. She addresses the root cause of an individual’s imbalance using evidence-based science along with diet and lifestyle changes to help regain and maintain optimal health.

Vaidya Meenakshi has done intense three years of clinical research on Ayurvedic herbs in Enuresis ; literacy research on ADHD, Learning Disabilities in Children. The research experience includes literacy research as well as clinical trials with Ayurvedic herbs.

She is a prolific speaker and educator in the community. She has been an invited speaker in many local and International conferences and has given several Keynote addresses. She routinely delivers educational lectures at various institutes such as Austin College at Sherman, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of North Texas among others. She organizes regular workshops & courses on various topics of Ayurveda, training workshops .To know more about our practice Please check or call us @ 214-801-1238.

About AyurRoots

AyurRoots Wellness Spa is a leading resource center in the DFW area, established for natural health and Ayurveda. A meaningful life, as Ayurveda states, should be like that of a banyan tree – with numerous branches, providing shelter and shade to all that come under it; with the main goal geared towards better health.

Here, we provide the most comprehensive alternative healthcare with Ayurveda programs. It’s our objective to offer you a more authentic, natural and healthy way to live and lead your life.

We also launched our online presence to serve as one of the best self-help site for people who want to learn the fundamentals of healthy living without breaking the bank or having to pay so much for it. Through our platform, we provide Ayurveda programs tailored to help cleanse your body, mind and soul and this can be achieved at your own space and time


Address: 112 Bedford Road, Suite 116, Bedford, TX 76022

Phone: 9729990203

Description:Here at Ayurnutrition we offer a unique approach to your health and wellness. We combine the age old wisdom of Ayurveda with Nutrition and wellness to provide an individualized wellness plan that fits your lifestyle and needs. 'Ayurveda' is a Sanskrit word and is made of two parts 'Ayur' meaning life and 'Veda' meaning science, hence Ayurveda essentially means 'Science of life' . Ayurveda is one of the oldest and a unique holistic health science which focuses on the mind body relation and the importance of balance between the various physiological components to ensure health. Originating in India and over 5000 years old, Ayurveda principles transcend time and space and can be used in any country and can be applied to every person. Come and explore this unique and integrative approach to improving one's health. Let us help rejuvenate you by creating harmony and balance in your mind and body by integrating Ayurvedic principles with Nutrition & Wellness.