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Description:It’s All About Ankana’s Art My passion for art & painting goes back to very initial days of my childhood. My father is a professional artist, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. I grew up seeing my father's work whose each creation I strongly feel is a masterpiece. So it was kind of artists' fraternity and in broader circle of my family art has always been a subject of discussion during any family get-together. Eventually I picked up the brush and with every stroke of brush I tried to express how I see my surroundings, so my canvas is nothing but my interpretation of how I visualize the world and this has stayed with me all along. During school days I was always encouraged by my friends & teachers to take up art seriously along with studies. This pushed me to take up professional training under the able guidance of my father. After relocating to USA, I found a different whole new meaning of my passion. Initially it was mere form of capturing emotions & fantasy in canvas. Living far from country, far from immediate family taught to me to explore my passion in a broader way. I started more and more painting, to start with for my own house. It is a very exciting phase of my life, also I discovered this could be an escape avenue from reality otherwise a monotonous mundane life. Encouragements from friends and family provided the necessary courage to take it up to next level. So I started doing painting dedicatedly and promoting at the same time. Today I feel so confident to exhibit my form of creation to the world. Most of my collections are based on acrylic. Also I love mixed media texture painting. Bringing out fusion in my work is one of key interest as well. One of my favorite series of work is on woman's various emotions & mood - Love, lust, despair, agony, melancholy, isolation etc. Along with Indian art, I have done several contemporary and abstract work following several new techniques like using resin, crystals, gold and silver leafs. Through this platform I want to introduce the artist in me, discover or re-discover my spiritual self every now & then and let my creations speak on my behalf. I have a big goal. Sometimes I am overwhelmed what I want to accomplish. There is no set path to become an artist. It is all a balance of working hard, pouring emotions, immersing myself into my art. For all my friends and visitors thank you for your encouragement & support and I promise in this journey with every new creation I will take you along!

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